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Special thanks to: 

All the staff at the Sangamon Valley Collection, in the Lincoln Library, whose knowledge and help has been invaluable: Edward Russo, Keith Housewright, Linda Garvert, and especially Curtis Mann, who suggested I contact Arcadia Publishing. 

Hillary Gallinger, whose invaluable help in scanning over 1,000 photos and over 1,000 documents and typing over 25,000 words would have enabled me to put together over two Arcadia history books!

Erick Byrne, who created the website for the Reisch Brewery.

My Reisch relatives, both those closely related and distantly related, for their help, encouragement, appreciation, photographs and stories: 

Albert C. Maurer, Anne L. Reisch, Betsy Ross, Chuck Reisch, Carol & Dan Reiter, Chris Gongola, Christine Reisch Meyer, Ed Reisch, George Bernard, George F. Reisch III, Joan B. Reisch, Lucile Shonka, Maggie Grigsby, Mark & Suzy Buehler, Marilyn & Chris Meyer, Mary B. Magrinat, Mary Lou & Ed Reisch, Peter Mayne, Walter S. Reisch. 

The many collectors in the Springfield area who allowed me to photograph their collections and shared their well-told tales of the things they found, bought, and missed getting. But most importantly, generously shared what they knew and put me in contact with others. And who reminded me of the many Reisch stories I have heard over the years:

Al Gietl, Bill Gietl, Cheryl Berkler, Chet Bartlett, Daryl Ponder, Dave Tannahill, Gary Zimmerman, Greg Zimmerman, James Searle, Jeff Berkler, Jeff Nemecek, Joe Bringuet, Joe Armstrong, Kert Newton, Roy Mayfield. 

And, finally, Dan Eichinger, Don Day, Elijah Singley, Floyd Mansberger, Gary Stockton, Linda Johnson-Kabisch, Maureen Henry, Stan Hieronymus.

Copyright 2008 Tony White