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Tony White is the great, great grandson of Franz (Frank) Sales Reisch, who founded the Reisch Brewery in 1849. 

White became interested in the Reisch Brewery as a child, when he lived just three blocks away and heard many stories first-hand from his relatives.  White was born in 1943, graduated from St. Louis University, was an administrative officer in the U.S. Air Force, and worked as a computer programmer and analyst for seven years.  He now owns Medipak, a business in Winchester, Virginia, that manufactures and sells UVLI-bags to hospitals to protect medications from UV light.

His collection began in 1966, when the brewery was sold, and he took a series of 75 slides of all the Reisch Brewery buildings, both inside and out, and picked up a number of souvenirs.

White would like to hear from anyone with information, Reisch collectables, Reisch breweriana, or interest in the Reisch Family.  White can be called at his medical business, toll-free 800-336-9848.  He can also be reached at his home, toll-free 877-548-7400, nights and weekends.  Send mail to P.O. Box 3248, Winchester, VA 22604 or send an email to him at

(Photograph by Tony White, of his collection.)

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